PBI Metals PBI Metals is the leading manufacturer of FRHC copper rod in the country. FRHC cu (Fire refined High conductivity copper) copper rods can easily replace CC copper rods and be used in the manufacturing of wire and cable products. Our state of art manufacturing facilities is located at the Baribrahmana Industrial Complex, Jammu, J&K. We are therefore strategically located to offer our customers the most reliable source of high-quality copper rods in North India. The FRHC Cu rods produced by PBI metals meet all requirements of our customers and are being drawn on high-speed drawing machines to very fine gauges up to 0.18 mm without any problems.
The finished rods produced at our facility are vigorously tested in our modern metallurgical laboratory performing various tests including 25 RFT Torsion Test, Resistivity/conductivity, Elongation, oxygen content etc and test certificate issued for each bundle.
We take our commitment to customers very seriously, and we constantly strive to exceed expectations.